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Oil Painting Workshop

Artist Statement

An Artful Existence

   I am a multidisciplinary artist and art educator. My BFA and educator certification was received from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2021. It here that I was fortunate enough to study under some heavy hitting artists such as Sedrick Huckaby, Spencer Evans, Carlos Donjuan, Nicholas Wood and Yana Payusova. Their influences will live with me forever. 

  My ceramic art ranges from functional earthenware to small earthenware sculptures. The aesthetic of these items are synonymous with art nouveau and art deco. My oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings tend to be figurative and rooted in realism. My linocut prints and etchings range from decorative stamps to encompass realism and decorative arts in one. 

  As an educator, my goal is to use my experience as an artist to foster the creativity of the next generation of fine artists, as my mentors Amber Bailey, Amanda Alexander and Lucy Bartholomee did for me. 

Artist Statement: Bio
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